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Welcome to the I heart music station! The music you will hear is a mix of everything!
DJ Kinx plays mainly 80s, with a teeny amount of the newer stuff tossed in to make things interesting.
DJ Nat plays a mix of everything, and will play whatever her heart desires!
DJ Ken will take you on a trip with his tunes! Tune in and listen to what he's playing!!!
We do take in requests to! SO be sure to send us a shout if there is a certain song you like to hear!!!!

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Please remember that we are still a small radio station and are just starting out. so bare with us please. As we begin to grow bigger there will be a bigger variety of music available to you to listen to!
Be sure to log on and tune into us to see what's playing! We will play anything you'd like to hear, we aren't picky, you request it we play it! If you have any questions please be sure to message us. ~Smiles~

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Enjoy the Tunes!!!!!

Enjoy the wonderful tunes!

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